We begin with our own backyard,

continue with our own watershed,

and exchange our knowledge with others.

Together we work
to increase Human understanding of
and affiliation with
other species
and natural processes
on a global scale

Contact us by phone at (613)258-3017, or e-mail


[winter on Kemptville Creek]

About us

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December 2009 trip to New Brunswick: mostly about Phragmites and Knotweed

August 2009 macro-invertebrate survey of the Tay Fiver and previous surveys along the Tay.

8 - 10 August 2008
Crayfish Crawl, Brassils Creek

Leopard Frog Breeding Chorus — 25 April 2007

1 April 2007 road building in planned
commercial development site Hwy 43 at 416

Crayfish decimation outing at Brassils Creek — 2 August 2006

to and from the Kawartha Lakes — 25-26 June 2006

searching the Salmon River — 25-26 May 2006

Autumnal feeding behavior of Cepaea nemoralis snails, October 2005, in Bishops Mills

Midsummer Cepaea activity in Bishops Mills, 13 Aug 2004

Fish-eating Robins along anoxic Kemptville Creek — 25 Jan 2003

Mudpuppy Night in Oxford Mills, 19 Jan 2003